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Organic Myths Revealed
organic myths revealed

For many people, organic food is a mystery. It is largely associated with ‘healthy’ eating and ‘green’ consumerism, but few people are really sure what it is. With so many circulating facts and assumptions regarding the nature of organic food and its benefits, consumers are inevitably left with many unanswered questions.

•The benefits of organic haven’t been proven, so I shouldn’t bother.

False – The benefits of eating organic have strong scientific backing which has been further proven by individual success stories. However, because people rarely eat only organic food, and so many environmental factors come into play, it is hard to come up with statistics. At Alce Nero, we think that it is better to be safe than sorry when the stake is your own health and wellbeing.

•There is no point in eating some organic food if everything else I consume is not.

False – Organic food is not an all-or-nothing approach. With organic food, ‘every little helps’: every organic item that you consume will provide its share of desired benefits.


•Organic food tastes dull.

True and false – Organic food is often less processed than its mainstream counterparts, so it does not have the strong taste of some chemically or genetically modified foods. What it does have though, is the REAL taste of food, as Mother Nature intended it to be.

•Organic food is too expensive; there is no way I can afford it!

True and false – Organic food is more expensive to make, and this is usually reflected in the retail prices. However, if you are keen on eating organic, you can do it on a budget. Look for regular promotions in the organic aisle of your local supermarket, and make sure you attend organic fairs and markets where the food is considerably cheaper.

•Organic food is a fashion, it will pass.

False – Not if people keep aspiring to healthier, longer, happier lives, it won’t!


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