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Alce Nero™ Organic pasta  

•Alce Nero™ durum wheat and whole-wheat pasta is made exclusively with organically grown Italian durum wheat from Basilicata and Puglia. The special bronze drawing process gives it a rough surface, making it perfect for absorbing sauces.

• Alce Nero™ durum wheat pasta is available in a white version or a whole-wheat version, which is rich in fiber and has extra proteins.

• Whole wheat pasta use the flour made from entire hard grain, thus rendering brown on the surface, chewy, and it is a source of fiber and protein.

• The tricolor spaghetti, the tricolor fusilli, the tricolor mini pipe rigate have the green and red color because of adding some spinach and tomatoes. These two colors together with the original white color of pasta is the symbol of the Italian flag colors.

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