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Alce Nero™ Organic Tomato Sauce

•Alce Nero’s tomatoes stay true to the genuine simplicity of flavors of yore. They ripen under the sun of Emilia Romagna in the Mezzano marshy area, set in the Po delta, known for its peaty soil.

•Tomato varieties include Coimbra, Ercole and others with high levels of the antioxidant lycopene, exellent for fighting free radicals.

•To preserve its flavors, aromas and nutritional properties the production process lets no more than 12 hours lapse from harvest to packaging and low temperature pasteurization.

tomato puree

Organic Tomato Puree

tomato sauce Organic Pasta Sauce
Tomato pasta sauce is already blended with seasonings, such as spices, vegetables and so on which gives you various options with different unique flavors.
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